Save the Date: NYSAA Convention at Greek Peak Mountain Resort January 19th & 20th, 2014

The Mission of the NYSAA is to:

  • Promote the auction method of marketing through professional and ethical auctioneering practices.
  • Provide members with opportunities for education and collaborative encounters.
  • Promote excellent service for our sellers combined with fairness for our buyers.

Throughout history, the auction method has been a very popular means of selling a tremendous variety of items. Only recently in this country has the auction method gained support and popularity as a first choice in selling real and personal property.The NYSAA is comprised of professional auctioneers from around the country!

Why the Auction Method of Marketing?

The auction method of marketing accelerates the selling process of your personal and real property, forcing buyers to deal with a deadline by giving them a specific date, time and place for the sale. It usually takes only 2 to 4 weeks depending on the type of auction being conducted to prepare for the auction.

The auction method is quick and complete in scope, rather than drawn out over several days and it permits the market pricing to be set by the buying public. Auctions are interesting, “people events” –and have been for centuries. In fact, it’s hard to imagine anything that is not sold at an auction -¬†Fish – Antiques – Books – Equipment – Autos – Fruit – Houses – and much, much more!

Auctions are as modern as today’s computer, yet as old as mankind. Recorded history describes auctions in 500 B.C., and later during the Roman Empire. The “Oxford English Dictionary” of 1595 is the earliest English reference to the auction. And everything has been selling well at auction ever since. In fact, the auction can be the best place to buy what you are looking for – or sell what you have – at a fair market price!